Fort JadhavGadh & Corinthians Resort - Pune

Fort JadhavGadh was built in the year 1710 and is the first Heritage fort that was scheduled in the country. Located 22 km away from Pune, the fort is the perfect example of the Maratha craftsmanship. The fort was renovated some years earlier and now includes all modern amenities such as rooms, restaurants, banqueting, swimming pool, and spa. fort jadhavgadhIf you dream to wed in a fort and do not want to go as far as Rajasthan, which is famous for forts, then the best place is Fort JadhavGadh. The organizers will make sure that the wedding is a perfect blend of tradition and modern style. Guests are treated well along with the wedding couples. Ever desired of a royal wedding in a historical place, Fort JadhavGadh is the best place.

The Corinthians is a 5 star hotel that is located on the outskirts of the South Pune Hills and is popular for the royal hospitality that it provides to the customers. Housing a total of 116 rooms, the hotel is the perfect destination for those couples who want their wedding to take place in a luxurious resort. The resort contains state of the art facilities such as spa, swimming pool, waterfall etc. that would be a delight to the guests.