If you do a Google search on the ‘best places for a honeymoon in India’, chances are that Munnar in Idukki, Kerala will feature prominently there. Touted as one of the best spots in South India for a holiday with loved ones and especially for couples, you’ll understand why Munnar is this raved about by travel lovers. The word ‘Munnar’ itself is believed to be derived from the Malayalam word ‘Moone’ which is used to denote the number ‘three’. Thus ‘Munnar’ actually refers to the unique meeting place of three mountain streams.

Thanks to the lovely cool climate and misty mornings, Munnar was a favourite with the British and was both a much loved getaway from the scorching heat of Delhi as well as a fertile spot for tea plant cultivation. Even today, the presence of neat green tea bush carpets is a wonderful sight to behold.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to unwind, relax the senses and be one with nature, then it doesn’t get any better than Munnar. With plenty of greenery to soothe your eyes, fresh cool breeze on your skin and unpolluted air to breathe in, this hill station rejuvenates you inside out. Plus, with plenty of accommodation options for Destination Weddings to choose from to suit all budgets, a wedding in Munnar will not be much hard on your wallet either.


  1. Club Mahindra Lake View Resort