Known as the ‘land of the Kings and the Queens’, Rajasthan is the royal jewel of India. History, culture, food, handicrafts, royalty, grandeur! These are the words used to define Rajasthan. With the Great Indian Desert, Rajasthan has a distinct topography and culture. Rajasthan is famous for its forts, palaces, ancient temples which were built by the Maharaja’s of Rajasthan, an evidence of its royal heritage and glorious past. A Wedding in one such palace or temple promises you the ultimate feeling of being one of them. So why miss out on the historicity, antiquity and authenticity that Rajasthan Promises!

Best cities for Destination Wedding in Rajasthan are :
1. Jaipur
2. Jodhpur
3. Udaipur
4. Jaisalmer
5. Bikaner