Saree Draper

Draping is the art of folds or says the magic of folds, which, when done properly brings out the beauty of the lady. A saree when draped properly makes a woman look more stylish, elegant, graceful and sensuous. The beauty of the saree is enhanced by the way it is draped. Though saree is an ancient outfit but due to the new draping styles they always tend to look new.

The rectangular unstitched format of the sari allows loads of creativity. Sarees can now be worn in not one but more than 125 different style like Gujarati, Hyderabadi, Bhopali, Rajasthani, Bengali, Assameese, Lehanda etc.  Drapes of different states are also blended to bring out new trendy and traditional drapes like the Bengali pattern with the Rajasthani style.  Various other styles can also be used such as hip-hop, tight fit, fish style half mumtaz and many more to make the bride look more elegant and beautiful.
Our Service includes:

  • Suggesting good saree drapers according to the budget & Style
  • Arrange meeting with the shortlisted drapers.
  • Helping you in picking up different draping styles for different events.
  • Fixing appointments for trails and booking them for the main event.