Still & Candid Photography

Event photography has been nowadays refined into a fine art, and drone cameras and hi-end cameras lend a magical dimension to the auspicious event. Photography has evolved from the stiff poses and strained smiles in pictures to Candid Shots, Conceptual Photography, Aerial & Panoramic view of the moment etc. You need a professional photographer who has ample experience in event photography and who can take pictures depicting those special and beautiful moments and recreate that aura, fun and excitement everytime you see them.

Our Services includes:

  • Arranging a photographer who has experience, credentials, a great portfolio and affordable pricing.
  • Providing a list of essential photographs to be clicked during the event to the photographer. 
  • Arranging pre-wedding destination photography, bridal photo shoots, family portfolio shoot, documentary, corporate show reel, etc.
  • Making photo studio booth for Portrait shoot at the venue.
  • Providing Instant photo prints with themed photo frames as event favors to guests.
  • Selection of photographs and albums and coordinating them.
  • Inquire with photographer about their style, equipments, number of cameras and time required to get the finished product.