Sula Vineyards - Nasik

Nasik holds a prominent position in the country for the production of Grapes, thanks to the climate of the city which is suitable for large scale cultivation of the fruit which is the source of Wine. The Sula vineyards are the country’s popular wineries, which are spread across 1500 acres of land.

If you want your wedding to take place at a unique place, then go to this location. The tasting room in the vineyard is decorated using wine bottles and gives a panoramic view of the entire area, when watched from the balcony. There are tour guides who will take you through the vineyard and describe the process of wine making. Little Italy and Soma are the restaurants that are present in the vineyard. The amphitheatre is the place where the weddings take place. The theatre is suitable for any event and the lush green landscape gives a picturesque wedding for you. The amphitheatre is located well near to the restaurants, and hence dining is also made easier.

The other places of interest in Nasik are the Gargoti Rock Museum, Trimbakeshwar and Bandardhara, Shirdi. Plan your wedding in the vineyard and visit the places of interest with your family for an ever cherishing experience. The vineyard is about 180 km from Mumbai and 210 km from Pune and there are buses and trains running from both the cities.