Trousseau shopping for the bride is an activity that can extend over months and can be both a dream and a difficulty. Your trousseau will probably consist of your wedding outfit, outfits for other wedding events, shoes and accessories. It traditionally also includes items that a bride will need over the course of first few married months or even  the year ahead like linens, household items, lingerie etc. You can also pick up a wardrobe for your honeymoon, perfumes, beauty products and the like. Shopping is fun yes, and also can be pretty overwhelming.

We provide you with the assistance for your complete trousseau planning and shopping and other wedding related personal shopping needs. We help you put together a stylized and comprehensive trousseau and also arrange for the trousseau packaging that is not only beautiful but suited to the event and the style you have in mind.

Presentation is everything… see how the same gifts / give-aways look once packed by professional trousseau packers. Our trousseau packing service includes:

  • Suggesting a variety of packing styles according to the latest trends.
  • Suggesting thematic materials / colors for packing ideas as per the theme.